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Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)

The atomic force microscope (AFM) is designed to measure local properties, such as height, friction and magnetism, with a sharp tip probe. To acquire an image, the AFM raster scans the probe over a small area of the sample, measuring the local property simultaneously.


  • Analysis of Nanostructures and the morphology of various materials
  • Imaging of DNA, RNA and …
  • Measuring the smoothness of optical surfaces
  • Introducing the basics of nanotechnology applied to biosciences and engineering
  • Introducing the fundamentals of nano-scale imaging
  • Introducing nano-bio samples, carbon nanotubes, etc.

Special Features

  • Ease of installing the head and simple dismantling, within the students’ capabilities
  • Simply picking the spot for scanning
  • Controllable scan rate, scanning range, scanning angle and the coefficients
  • Working under non-vacuum conditions
  • Reasonable price and low energy consumption
  • No restrictions on the type of sample unlike STM, TEM and SEM

Technical Specifications

  • Scanning range: 50 µm
  • Sample travel range: 7 mm
  • Sample surface roughness: up to 5 µm
  • Sample Thickness: up to 5mm
  • Sample dimensions: up to 10 × 10 mm