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UV-vis Spectrophotometer

UV-visible spectrophotometer is an instrument which measures the amount of ultraviolet light and visible range of electromagnetic radiation spectrum passing through a medium. With this data and according to the Beer's law, the concentration of solution is obtainable.


  • Spectroscopy of materials in Ultraviolet and UV range of Electromagnetic Spectrum
  • Analysis of chemical, biochemical, petroleum, drug, nano, etc. materials

Special Features

  • Simultaneous obtaining of all spectra
  • Integration time control using software
  • Lamp intensity control using software
  • Mathematical processing (Averaging, Sum, Smooth . . .)
  • Standard wavelength calibration of the spectrophotometer
  • CE certification

Technical Specifications

  • Wavelength range: 200-800 nm
  • Stray light < 0.03 %
  • Resolution: <+ 1.0 nm
  • Typical scan time: 0.1 ms
  • Light source: Deuterium + Tungsten lamp
  • Detector: 2000 channels