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Customer Support

TAVANA Warranty

TAVANA-manufactured products are covered by a limited warranty for a period of 2 years after installation and running the instrument, against defects in material and workmanship. The TAVANA warranty does not extend to any product, including touch screens, that have been subject to abuse, neglect, accident, improper application, any use other than education, or products that have been repaired or altered outside of our factory. Consumables and limited-life products are excluded. Additional warranty information is available upon request.
Sales Support

Domestic Sales Support:


Tehran (Main Office)
Mrs. Farnaz Khansari
3rd floor, No.10, 3rd Dashtestan Ave, Shariati ST, Tehran, Iran
+98 21 22896414 (Ext. 114)
+98 912 345 2410

International Sales Support:


Dr. Javad Rangiha
United Industrial Services Ltd.
UIS High Tech Industries, 20 Dryden Rd. Harrow, HA3 7JZ, London, UK,
+44 20 8427 8606
+44 7828 824 005


Mr. Amir Ghorbanali
Bldg. CN-23, 99 Jin Ji Hu Rd, Suzhou Industrial Park, China, 215123,
+86 182 0621 2392